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Weboob 0.i.1

Posted by Florent Fourcot,

This is a bug fix release, with the support of python 2.7.7 included. This Python version was released after our major version 0.i, and it introduces a conflict on a private method.

There are no new features.


Core: browser

  • Fix bug with python 2.7.7

Core: repositories

  • Fix HTTP error handling for browser2
  • Try to import RawConfigParser from ConfigParser before configparser


  • Remove some files of windows installer


  • Fix call of (#1403)
  • Fix call of pyflakes on Archlinux (#1404)

Weboob 0.i

Posted by Florent Fourcot,

After more than four months of development, Weboob 0.i is out!

The most important news is the successful integration of the Browser2 project. It is a new browser based on python-requests (and not Mechanize), and a lot of tools to help the parsing are included (but not related to python-requests). The number of lines can be divided by two to write a module with Browser2. The documentation should be up to date. Browser2 is tested by the conversion of 24 modules, but is still in development and any feedback is appreciated.

But Browser2 is the tree masking the forest of new features. Instead of developing our keyring for password, we add a new configuration option to call any external tools to read the values. We added 13 new modules, and the console applications have some new cool features. For the future, we worked on the compatibility with Python3 (not ready yet). We are on track for a version 1.0 this year.

There are now 161 modules and 37 applications.




  • New Browser: Browser2 is here! See below
  • First steps in Python3 support
  • New GPG key for laurentb (see
  • New module: btdigg (CapTorrent)
  • New module: Mailinator (CapMessage)
  • New module: guerrillamail (CapMessage)
  • New module: SensCritique (CapCalendar)
  • New module: imgur (CapPaste)
  • New module: unsee (CapPaste)
  • New module: (CapPaste)
  • New module: pixtoilelibre (CapPaste)
  • New module: ColisPrive (CapParcel)
  • New module: AlloResto (CapBank)
  • New module: LaCentrale (CapPriceComparison)
  • New module: Groupamaes (CapBank)
  • New module: Tinder (CapDating)


  • Import pkg_resources only when needed, to prevent a hard useless dependency

Core: browser2

  • Add a new browser based on python-requests
  • Full support of SSL
  • Add the option _proxy_ssl for backends
  • New management of Html FORMs
  • New URL class
  • Better debugging (save HTTP requests/responses)
  • Simple support of pagination (@pagination decorator)
  • Introduce ListElement and ItemElement (parser helper)
  • Add a lot of Filters for ItemElement
  • Add TableElement, to help the parsing of a table
  • 24 modules are already using browser2!
  • And a lot more...

Core: browser1

  • Unify no_login and nologin
  • Fix call of logger (can be unset)
  • Move exceptions in (compatibility with browser2)

Core: BackendCalls

  • Rewrite BackendCalls with queues

Core: repositories

  • Make GPG ignore local settings

Core: configuration

  • Support for password retrieval from any cli tools
  • Prompt user during configuration of a backend

Core: ManPages

  • Escape more '-'

Core: Parsers

  • Add a xml parser
  • Remove unused/obsolete parsers

Core: DateTools

  • Add ChaoticDateGuesser

Applications: base

  • Add version information in Debug
  • catch ^C on global bcall errors handler
  • Allow to use condition on the fullid
  • Do not display warning message if -n or count is set

Applications: console

  • Fix: masked parameter wasn't considered
  • Fix: password encoding issues
  • Display and not backend.EMAIL

Applications: media_player

  • Add a play_proxy option

Applications: Qt

  • Add keywords in .desktop files (#1356)

Applications: REPL

  • Exclude backends that do not implement the required method (#1325)
  • New obj_to_filename() method (from videoob)
  • Do not fetch the collections when not needed
  • Fix selecting a field in non-interactive mode
  • Use a fast path for ls if -U is set
  • Add documentation of the "ls -d" option
  • Gather collections having the same path
  • Override comp_obj from repl in order to sort by start_date

Applications: formatters

  • Add a json formatter that works on a line level (json_line)

Applications: yamlconfig

  • Allow a default equal to None

Application: boobcoming

  • Add documentation
  • Add icon
  • Use ls/cd commands to navigate into categories
  • Improve collection management

Application: boobsize

  • Add icon
  • Display null values
  • Fix hints in not found error

Application: boobtracker

  • Support colors for issues
  • Create/edit tickets in a text editor
  • Fix email address regexp
  • Fix crash in interactive mode
  • New options --tracker, --priority, --start, --due

Application: parceloob

  • Remove trailing \n
  • Ignore status of not loaded backends
  • Always untrack if the id is in the storage

Application: pastoob

  • Paste binary files with "post_bin FILENAME" and "get_bin ID"
  • Add 'info' command

Application: Qhavedate

  • Ignore error when notes are not implemented on contacts

Application: radioob

  • Fix audio objects search
  • Pick up first available stream when radio provides a playlist (#1345)

Application: translaboob

  • Fix a typo in the documentation

Application: videoob

  • Braces-enclosed tags are replaced with data
  • Play/info: ability to give several videos
  • Add command 'videoob playlist download'
  • Add command 'videoob playlist play'
  • Move obj_to_filename() into ReplApplication
  • Use wget to download m3u8 videos

Application: webcontentedit

  • add a -r parameter to get command to precise revision id

Application: wetboobs

  • Remove ICapGauge

Capabilities: Base

  • Change currencies integer constants to ISO code strings
  • Do not require an id, because of ItemElement which constructs objects
    h4. without arguments
  • Introduce find_object

Capabilities: CapWeather

  • Fix: zero temperature can not be displayed (#1333)
  • Accept date objects for the forecast

Capabilities: CapCalendar

  • Raise NotImplementedError on "attends" method
  • Add TELE category

Capabilities: CapBugTracker

  • Fix some conversion warnings

Capabilities: CapBank

  • Add Account.TYPE_CARD
  • Add TransactionsElement and TransactionElement (helpers with browser2)

Capabilities: CapContact

  • Factorize aum's Contact.get_text() and boobmsg formatter

Capabilities: CapGeoloc

  • Remove unused ipaddr field

Capabilities: CapMessage

  • Avoid warnings in GenericNewspaperBackend and GenericNewsPage

Capabilities: CapPast

  • Show a user-friendly error message for CapNotFound

Capabilities: CapTracker

  • Add trackers and priorities fields to Project
  • Add start, due, tracker and priority fields to Issue

Modules: banquepopulaire, bnporc, bp, cic, cragr, creditdunord, creditmutuel, ing, lcl, societegenerale

  • Improvements on transaction and account types detection

Module: AmericanExpress

  • Fix wrong date guessing
  • Increase timedelta to 90
  • Check if a card is valid
  • Set card balance to Account.balance instead of Account.coming

Module: Apec

  • Updates reflecting site changes

Module: Apivie

  • Fix getting an account from list
  • Fix parsing of negative transactions

Module: Arte

  • Encode UTF-8 strings in search
  • Fix naming of collections
  • ArteLive: new website
  • Improve the parsing of dates
  • Fix bug when VDA field not found in json file
  • Fix problem on extension

Module: AxaBanque

  • Adding support for sub accounts
  • Fix parsing of accounts without amount

Module: Banque Accord

  • Add icon
  • Fix parsing of negative amount
  • Fix detection of card pages
  • Fix virtual keyboard
  • Add a hash for symbol 5 on virtkeymap
  • Adding support for Leroy Merlin
  • Support LOAN accounts
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Banque Populaire

  • Fix: parsing of accounts (site changed)
  • Fix: parsing of accounts on specific regions
  • If an account type is not supported, raise NotImplementedError

Module: Biplan

  • Fix bug while parsing start/end time
  • Updates reflecting site changes
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Bnporc

  • New certificate
  • Fix encoding issues
  • Disable unused parameter rotating_password
  • Change the domain to for BNPEnterprise

Module: Boursorama

  • Fix crash when there is no ID on transaction
  • Handle card history

Module: BP

  • New certificate
  • List market account (#1298)
  • An account type must not be None

Module: Bred

  • Support dispobank
  • New certificate

Module: CanalPlus

  • Fix browsing categories (site changed)

Module: Carrefour Banque

  • Upgrade to browser2
  • Fix: Site changed

Module: CCI

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Citelis

  • New icon
  • Fix: detection of login errors

Module: cmb

  • Change a function call to avoid useless None
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: cmso

  • Setting encoding to iso

Module: Colissimo

  • Add icon
  • Fix license

Module: Cragr

  • Fix parsing dates in labels (compatibility with Perigord)

Module: Credit Du Nord

  • If type is not found, set TYPE_UNKNOWN instead of None
  • Add "Banque Rhône-Alpes"

Module: Credit Mutuel

  • New icon
  • Upgrade to browser2
  • Fix parsing of user private accounts
  • Fix crash on unknown accounts types

Module: cuisineaz

  • Fix cuisineaz preparation and cooking time (site changed)

Module: Dailymotion

  • Fix empty fields in dailymotion plugin
  • Change extension from flv to mp4
  • New icon
  • Add support for videos available at
  • Fix the search (site changed)

Module: Delubac

  • Support LCR
  • Fix navigation

Module: DLFP

  • Fix logout (site changed)

Module: DresdenWetter

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Fortuneo

  • New certificate
  • Do not override rdate with operation date

Module: France Televisions

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Freemobile

  • Fix date of subscriptions when next month has less days than expected (#1347)
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: googletranslate

  • Fix : site is now only available using https

Module: grooveshark

  • Fix: no more field AvgRate (site changed)

Module: HSBC

  • Fix: support of the SecureKey
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: hybride

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: INA

  • Site changed

Module: indeed

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: ING

  • Update regexps used to detect categories (site changed)
  • Upgrade to browser2
  • Support pagination in iter_bills
  • Do not crash on invest objects when quantities are >999

Module: Kickass

  • Fix title getter (site changed)

Module: LeclercMobile

  • Do not crash if the subscription is closed

Module: LeFigaro

  • Fix: site changed
  • Fix the tests

Module: LCL

  • New maintener
  • Support changes in login screens
  • Get more history
  • Remove logging checking on the contract page

Module: Liberation

  • Add icon

Module: lolix

  • Fix the size of the icon

Module: mediawiki

  • Fix encoding error

Module: MeteoFrance

  • Strip the text before to return it

Module: OKC

  • Add the visit to a profile
  • Add a profile walker
  • First sent message is configurable
  • Do not crash on removed contacts
  • Do not crash on 'like' messages

Module: pastealacon

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Paypal

  • Certificate changed (three times)

Module: piratebay

  • New domain (

Module: Pole Emploi

  • Updates reflecting site changes
  • Fix parsing of dates
  • Fix bug in url encoding
  • Fix place selection

Module: Poivy

  • Upgrade to browser2
  • Support pagination for the history

Module: Redmine

  • Add Issue.fields attribute to support custom fields
  • Support new versions of redmine
  • Use the right method to get project
  • If a category does not exist, try to create it
  • Fix compatibility with redmine 2.4
  • Support start/end/tracker/priority
  • Fix finding the control to add a note

Module: RegionsJob

  • Add icon
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: sachsen

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Société Générale

  • Display card as accounts (#1362)

Module: Sueurdemetal

  • Add date_end parameter in get_concerts_date call
  • Fix date and category filters

Module: voyagessncf

  • If station ID is not found, try to look for it as a name
  • Forge a random IP source address to avoid redirection to other website (#1327)

Module: vlille

  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: Weather

  • Fix: there are not always ten days of forecast (#1343)

Module: youjizz

  • Handle videos longer than 59 minutes
  • Support pagination
  • Upgrade to browser2

Module: youtube

  • Fix: site changed
  • Fix: unexpected argument to BrokenPageError

Tools: boilerplate

  • Add 'cap' recipe to prepare methods
  • Upgrade to browser2

Tools: local_install

  • Run tools/ before local installation

Tools: pyflakes

  • Ignore 'except' in a comment

Contrib: boobot

  • Add quoting commands
  • Fix unicode issues

Contrib: Windows Installer

  • Better script to generate the .exe
  • Better management for 64 bits systems

Weboob 0.h

Posted by Florent Fourcot,

Happy new year, and enjoy the Weboob version 0.h.

You can already fill you CalDav calendar of concerts with the help of the new capability CapCalendarEvent and the boobcoming application. Between both concerts, you can still hear music thanks to a lot of new radio modules and a refactoring of media capabilities. For all users, the internal condition has been rewritten and has a lot of new features.

For developers, you should have a look on the new WebNip class. It allows a simpler way to use Weboob as a library.

In other news, we split some functionality of wetboobs in a new application: boobize. Since and isohunt website are closed, we removed two modules for the first time. users can switch to the liberation module, with an upgrade of the configuration.

There are now 148 modules and 37 applications.




  • New application: boobcoming
  • New application: boobsize
  • New capability: CapCalendarEvent
  • New capability: CapFile
  • New capability: CapAudio
  • New capability: CapAudioStream
  • New capability: CapImage
  • New module: Apivie (CapBank)
  • New module: Audioaddict (CapRadio)
  • New module: Banqueaccord (CapBank)
  • New module: Biplan (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: CCI (CapJob)
  • New module: Collisimo (CapParcel)
  • New module: EDF (CapBill) (#1296)
  • New module: GitHub (CapBugTracker)
  • New module: Indeed (CapJob)
  • New module: Jacquieetmichel (CapVideo)
  • New module: jcvelaux (CapGauge) (#376)
  • New module: (CapTravel)
  • New module: Liberation (CapMessage)
  • New module: (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: Monster (CapJob)
  • New module: Nectarine Demoscene Music (CapRadio)
  • New module: Nihon no Oto (CapRadio)
  • New module: OVS (CapMessage, CapContact)
  • New module: Pariskiwi (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: Poivy (CapBill)
  • New module: Quvi (CapVideo)
  • New module: RegionsJob (CapJob)
  • New module: Somafm (CapRadio)
  • New module: Sueurdemetal (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: VoyagesSNCF (CapTravel)
  • Removed module: ecrans (see new liberation module)
  • Removed module: Isohunt (site closed)


  • Add class WebNip (Web [in] Non Interactive Programs)
  • Modify/factorize/add CapVideo, CapAudio, CapImage, CapFile

Core: application

  • The "condition" system has been rewritten (and moved from bcall to reply applications) (#1289) (#1288)
  • repl: add <,> and | operators in conditions
  • repl: support date in conditions (#1308)
  • repl: catch error in condition evaluation
  • repl: sort results of "ls"
  • repl: add -U option to not sort result with "ls"
  • repl: add documentation for conditions in manpages
  • repl: exclude backends which does not implement 'method' in get_object
  • repl: restrict to 40 results in ls by default
  • repl: accept 0 and negative values for count in interactive mode
  • Base: hide FormFieldConversionWarning
  • JSON: fix export format (#1294)
  • JSON: encode all subobjects


  • Add Invstment in all
  • Use raw label to calculate unique_id


  • Add iter_gallery_images method


  • Change API: add advanced_search_job


  • Add parameter 'date' to ICapTravel.iter_station_departures
  • Add fields to Departure (arrival_time, price, currency)


  • Inherit from CapImage


  • Fix htmltable display for wetboobs forecast command (#1318)

Application: boobank

  • Truncate label in formatter 'account_list'
  • Add OFX export

Application: boobill

  • Catch some errors (#1303)
  • Fix: documentation erros

Application: handjoob

  • Fix: display of results
  • Better ls command

Application: Qhandjoob

  • Adapt to ICapJob update

Application: parceloob

  • Do not show "None", but an empty string

Application: pastoob

  • Add help for "infinite" max_age

Application: radioob

  • Let user choose his Stream to use from Radio instance (#1291)
  • Use CapRadio
  • Add support for download and streaming of BaseAudio objects
  • Add support for playlist of BaseAudio objects

Application: traveloob

  • Add (colored) formatters

Application: videoob

  • Add playlist support
  • Sanitize default download filename
  • Fix: do not return None objects on get_object
  • Support curl for downloading
  • Allow to download in a folder with generated filename

Application: wetboobs

  • Depreciate ICapGauge commands (#1284)

Tools: Application

  • Add mpv to default players

Tools: GenericBackend

  • Make a real link in signature

Tools: Browser

  • Move the test on self.insecure to catch direct calls

Tools: Value

  • Order Choices

Module: adecco

  • Fix: site changed

Module: allocine

  • Implementation of the new API mechanism

Module: ameli

  • Fix: site changes
  • Better handle of login

Module: amelipro

  • Fix listing of bills

Module: apec

  • Fix: site changed (get job offers)
  • Use html2text to fill description content

Module: arte

  • Add url management
  • Update to use arte API
  • Fix: fully fill Artevideo in get_video method (#1312)

Module: arretsurimage

  • Prevent to catch all urls

Module: Banquepopulaire

  • Get list of all accounts
  • Fix: do not crash if there is no operations
  • Fix: do not crash when there is no full list page
  • Support loan accounts
  • Support accounts with empty balance
  • Fix: do not crash with market accounts
  • Fix: new authentication
  • Fix: sometimes it is not possible to sort by value date in history
  • Fix: crash on special account histories
  • Support defered cards
  • Fix: getting history on some special workflow
  • Fix: crash when there is the coming column with empty value

Module: Barclays

  • New favicon

Module: Bnporc

  • Fix: update BNP certificate fingerprint
  • Add transaction patterns
  • Support new virtual keyboard
  • Fix: typo in label, s/Profesionnels/Professionnels

Module: Boursorama

  • Fix: crash when there is no link on an opening account
  • Remove dead code

Module: BP

  • New Virtualkeyboard

Module: Bred

  • New configuration option: force the selection of account
  • Fix: selection of accounts when there are both personal and enterprise ones
  • Fix: set the right debit date on card transactions
  • Fix: crash on page to select account

Module: Caissedepargne

  • New certificat

Module: Carrefourbannque

  • Removed broken regexp for login parameter.

Module: CIC and Creditmutuel

  • Backport fixes from creditmutuel
  • Correctly get the accounting amount
  • Support coming transactions
  • Do not try to find coming transactions for inappropriate account
  • Set the right debit date on card transactions
  • Fix parsing card debit date when there is a link in text
  • Support multi-cards pages

Module: CMB

  • Fix: parsing accounts when there are mandated ones

Module: Citelis

  • New certificate

Module: Chronopost

  • Do not set location to "None" if empty

Module: Cragr

  • Do not follow spam links
  • Fix: parsing of card accounts in particular cases
  • Fix: correctly set cards' to the debit date
  • Fix: crash when there are only three columns in card transactions listi
  • Fix: account IDs can contain anything else than digits

Module: CreditCooperatif

  • New favicon

Module: Creditdunord

  • Support enterprise accounts
  • Fix: parameters on request to get professionnal accounts history
  • Support SEPA Order parsing
  • Fix: pagination on professional website

Module: Dailymotion

  • Fix: dailymotion thumbmail retrieving (#1310)
  • Fix: found the video URL
  • Fix: try to get the full JSON data
  • Fix: bugs in video pages (#1320)

Module: Delubac

  • New favicon

Module: Dresdenwetter

  • New favicon

Module: francetelevisions

  • Fix: downloading in non-interactive mode
  • Fix: KeyError: 'data-date' (site changed) (#1282)

Module: Grooveshark

  • Force mp3 extension
  • Many code style fixes
  • Manage albums search
  • Add user playlist management
  • Declare user_id as an instance variable
  • Fix: unitialized property user_id
  • Fix: NoneType return value when user is not logged
  • Fix: typo in test
  • Adapt test for logged and non logged users

Module: hellobank

  • Fix decimal parsing of account values

Module: Imdb

  • Fix: site changed
  • Add some tests

Module: Leclercmobile

  • New favicon

Module: Mangago

  • Fix: GenericComicReaderTest import path

Module: MeteoFrance

  • Fix: parsing of pages, site changed

Module: LCL

  • Fix: detection of authentication errors
  • Support new contracts selection page
  • New certificate
  • Fix: remove all of the agency parameter (#1313)

Module: Leclercmobile

  • Better balance information
  • Remove "votre solde" in history
  • Strip labels

Module: Lolix

  • Fill search job method in lolix to avoid error message

Module: Nettokom

  • Add get_balance method
  • Fix: encoding warnings

Module: NolifeTV

  • Use instead of
  • Add theme/type entries
  • Allow anonymous surfing

Module: popolemploi

  • Improve deep search

Module: Prixcarburant

  • Fix sites changes (#1031)

Module: ING

  • Use raw parser for TitrePage
  • Add LDD support
  • Get history of titre account
  • Do not crash if there is no operation
  • Raise UseError on empty reason for transfer (#1315)

Module: ipinfodb

  • Fix: form changed from GET to POST

Module: SFR

  • Fix: site changed
  • Add some tests

Module: Societegenerale

  • Fix: parsing of cards with undefined payment date
  • Add transaction patterns
  • Fix: conversion warnings (#1304)
  • Fix: support new authentication system

Module: TVSubtitles

  • Add some tests

Module: Vlille

  • Improve method _get_sensor_by_id
  • Scrap webpage instead of provided xml (get more informations)

Module: Wordreference

  • Fix: site changed

Module: Youjizz

  • Fix: get real thumbnail

Module: Youtube

  • Add a new YouTube video URL

Contrib: downloadboob

  • Fix: call to ICapVideo.search_videos (API changed) (#1301)
  • Fix: print help instead of crash

Contrib: generic-munin

  • Add get_object_list command
  • Fix: do not crash if one value is NotAvailable

Contrib: kmymoney

  • Fix dead lock with krosspython > 4.8
  • Add a Weboob configuration tab in account configuration window
  • Restrict download to N transactions by updating the history

Misc: packaging

  • Get absolute path without readlink (compatibility with BSD systems)
  • Add windows installer
  • Use more common syntax (refs #1299)
  • Better detection of Pillow

Misc: tools

  • local_run: do not erase existing PYTHONPATH