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Weboob 0.h

Posted by Florent Fourcot,

Happy new year, and enjoy the Weboob version 0.h.

You can already fill you CalDav calendar of concerts with the help of the new capability CapCalendarEvent and the boobcoming application. Between both concerts, you can still hear music thanks to a lot of new radio modules and a refactoring of media capabilities. For all users, the internal condition has been rewritten and has a lot of new features.

For developers, you should have a look on the new WebNip class. It allows a simpler way to use Weboob as a library.

In other news, we split some functionality of wetboobs in a new application: boobize. Since and isohunt webiste are closed, we removed two modules for the first time. users can switch to the liberation module, with an upgrade of the configuration.

There are now 148 modules and 37 applications.




  • New application: boobcoming
  • New application: boobsize
  • New capability: CapCalendarEvent
  • New capability: CapFile
  • New capability: CapAudio
  • New capability: CapAudioStream
  • New capability: CapImage
  • New module: Apivie (CapBank)
  • New module: Audioaddict (CapRadio)
  • New module: Banqueaccord (CapBank)
  • New module: Biplan (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: CCI (CapJob)
  • New module: Collisimo (CapParcel)
  • New module: EDF (CapBill) (#1296)
  • New module: GitHub (CapBugTracker)
  • New module: Indeed (CapJob)
  • New module: Jacquieetmichel (CapVideo)
  • New module: jcvelaux (CapGauge) (#376)
  • New module: (CapTravel)
  • New module: Liberation (CapMessage)
  • New module: (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: Monster (CapJob)
  • New module: Nectarine Demoscene Music (CapRadio)
  • New module: Nihon no Oto (CapRadio)
  • New module: OVS (CapMessage, CapContact)
  • New module: Pariskiwi (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: Poivy (CapBill)
  • New module: Quvi (CapVideo)
  • New module: RegionsJob (CapJob)
  • New module: Somafm (CapRadio)
  • New module: Sueurdemetal (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New module: VoyagesSNCF (CapTravel)
  • Removed module: ecrans (see new liberation module)
  • Removed module: Isohunt (site closed)


  • Add class WebNip (Web [in] Non Interactive Programs)
  • Modify/factorize/add CapVideo, CapAudio, CapImage, CapFile

Core: application

  • The "condition" system has been rewritten (and moved from bcall to reply applications) (#1289) (#1288)
  • repl: add <,> and | operators in conditions
  • repl: support date in conditions (#1308)
  • repl: catch error in condition evaluation
  • repl: sort results of "ls"
  • repl: add -U option to not sort result with "ls"
  • repl: add documentation for conditions in manpages
  • repl: exclude backends which does not implement 'method' in get_object
  • repl: restrict to 40 results in ls by default
  • repl: accept 0 and negative values for count in interactive mode
  • Base: hide FormFieldConversionWarning
  • JSON: fix export format (#1294)
  • JSON: encode all subobjects


  • Add Invstment in all
  • Use raw label to calculate unique_id


  • Add iter_gallery_images method


  • Change API: add advanced_search_job


  • Add parameter 'date' to ICapTravel.iter_station_departures
  • Add fields to Departure (arrival_time, price, currency)


  • Inherit from CapImage


  • Fix htmltable display for wetboobs forecast command (#1318)

Application: boobank

  • Truncate label in formatter 'account_list'
  • Add OFX export

Application: boobill

  • Catch some errors (#1303)
  • Fix: documentation erros

Application: handjoob

  • Fix: display of results
  • Better ls command

Application: Qhandjoob

  • Adapt to ICapJob update

Application: parceloob

  • Do not show "None", but an empty string

Application: pastoob

  • Add help for "infinite" max_age

Application: radioob

  • Let user choose his Stream to use from Radio instance (#1291)
  • Use CapRadio
  • Add support for download and streaming of BaseAudio objects
  • Add support for playlist of BaseAudio objects

Application: traveloob

  • Add (colored) formatters

Application: videoob

  • Add playlist support
  • Sanitize default download filename
  • Fix: do not return None objects on get_object
  • Support curl for downloading
  • Allow to download in a folder with generated filename

Application: wetboobs

  • Depreciate ICapGauge commands (#1284)

Tools: Application

  • Add mpv to default players

Tools: GenericBackend

  • Make a real link in signature

Tools: Browser

  • Move the test on self.insecure to catch direct calls

Tools: Value

  • Order Choices

Module: adecco

  • Fix: site changed

Module: allocine

  • Implementation of the new API mechanism

Module: ameli

  • Fix: site changes
  • Better handle of login

Module: amelipro

  • Fix listing of bills

Module: apec

  • Fix: site changed (get job offers)
  • Use html2text to fill description content

Module: arte

  • Add url management
  • Update to use arte API
  • Fix: fully fill Artevideo in get_video method (#1312)

Module: arretsurimage

  • Prevent to catch all urls

Module: Banquepopulaire

  • Get list of all accounts
  • Fix: do not crash if there is no operations
  • Fix: do not crash when there is no full list page
  • Support loan accounts
  • Support accounts with empty balance
  • Fix: do not crash with market accounts
  • Fix: new authentication
  • Fix: sometimes it is not possible to sort by value date in history
  • Fix: crash on special account histories
  • Support defered cards
  • Fix: getting history on some special workflow
  • Fix: crash when there is the coming column with empty value

Module: Barclays

  • New favicon

Module: Bnporc

  • Fix: update BNP certificate fingerprint
  • Add transaction patterns
  • Support new virtual keyboard
  • Fix: typo in label, s/Profesionnels/Professionnels

Module: Boursorama

  • Fix: crash when there is no link on an opening account
  • Remove dead code

Module: BP

  • New Virtualkeyboard

Module: Bred

  • New configuration option: force the selection of account
  • Fix: selection of accounts when there are both personal and enterprise ones
  • Fix: set the right debit date on card transactions
  • Fix: crash on page to select account

Module: Caissedepargne

  • New certificat

Module: Carrefourbannque

  • Removed broken regexp for login parameter.

Module: CIC and Creditmutuel

  • Backport fixes from creditmutuel
  • Correctly get the accounting amount
  • Support coming transactions
  • Do not try to find coming transactions for inappropriate account
  • Set the right debit date on card transactions
  • Fix parsing card debit date when there is a link in text
  • Support multi-cards pages

Module: CMB

  • Fix: parsing accounts when there are mandated ones

Module: Citelis

  • New certificate

Module: Chronopost

  • Do not set location to "None" if empty

Module: Cragr

  • Do not follow spam links
  • Fix: parsing of card accounts in particular cases
  • Fix: correctly set cards' to the debit date
  • Fix: crash when there are only three columns in card transactions listi
  • Fix: account IDs can contain anything else than digits

Module: CreditCooperatif

  • New favicon

Module: Creditdunord

  • Support enterprise accounts
  • Fix: parameters on request to get professionnal accounts history
  • Support SEPA Order parsing
  • Fix: pagination on professional website

Module: Dailymotion

  • Fix: dailymotion thumbmail retrieving (#1310)
  • Fix: found the video URL
  • Fix: try to get the full JSON data
  • Fix: bugs in video pages (#1320)

Module: Delubac

  • New favicon

Module: Dresdenwetter

  • New favicon

Module: francetelevisions

  • Fix: downloading in non-interactive mode
  • Fix: KeyError: 'data-date' (site changed) (#1282)

Module: Grooveshark

  • Force mp3 extension
  • Many code style fixes
  • Manage albums search
  • Add user playlist management
  • Declare user_id as an instance variable
  • Fix: unitialized property user_id
  • Fix: NoneType return value when user is not logged
  • Fix: typo in test
  • Adapt test for logged and non logged users

Module: hellobank

  • Fix decimal parsing of account values

Module: Imdb

  • Fix: site changed
  • Add some tests

Module: Leclercmobile

  • New favicon

Module: Mangago

  • Fix: GenericComicReaderTest import path

Module: MeteoFrance

  • Fix: parsing of pages, site changed

Module: LCL

  • Fix: detection of authentication errors
  • Support new contracts selection page
  • New certificate
  • Fix: remove all of the agency parameter (#1313)

Module: Leclercmobile

  • Better balance information
  • Remove "votre solde" in history
  • Strip labels

Module: Lolix

  • Fill search job method in lolix to avoid error message

Module: Nettokom

  • Add get_balance method
  • Fix: encoding warnings

Module: NolifeTV

  • Use instead of
  • Add theme/type entries
  • Allow anonymous surfing

Module: popolemploi

  • Improve deep search

Module: Prixcarburant

  • Fix sites changes (#1031)

Module: ING

  • Use raw parser for TitrePage
  • Add LDD support
  • Get history of titre account
  • Do not crash if there is no operation
  • Raise UseError on empty reason for transfer (#1315)

Module: ipinfodb

  • Fix: form changed from GET to POST

Module: SFR

  • Fix: site changed
  • Add some tests

Module: Societegenerale

  • Fix: parsing of cards with undefined payment date
  • Add transaction patterns
  • Fix: conversion warnings (#1304)
  • Fix: support new authentication system

Module: TVSubtitles

  • Add some tests

Module: Vlille

  • Improve method _get_sensor_by_id
  • Scrap webpage instead of provided xml (get more informations)

Module: Wordreference

  • Fix: site changed

Module: Youjizz

  • Fix: get real thumbnail

Module: Youtube

  • Add a new YouTube video URL

Contrib: downloadboob

  • Fix: call to ICapVideo.search_videos (API changed) (#1301)
  • Fix: print help instead of crash

Contrib: generic-munin

  • Add get_object_list command
  • Fix: do not crash if one value is NotAvailable

Contrib: kmymoney

  • Fix dead lock with krosspython > 4.8
  • Add a Weboob configuration tab in account configuration window
  • Restrict download to N transactions by updating the history

Misc: packaging

  • Get absolute path without readlink (compatibility with BSD systems)
  • Add windows installer
  • Use more common syntax (refs #1299)
  • Better detection of Pillow

Misc: tools

  • local_run: do not erase existing PYTHONPATH

Weboob 0.g

Posted by Florent Fourcot,

After more than four months of work, and in spite of high temperature in Europe, Weboob 0.g has been released.

Two new capabilities are included: CapJob and CapParcel. The first allows to search a job in four French websites. The second one is ideal to track your parcel around the world. You can access to this new features via the command line applications handjoob and parceloob, and via the graphical application qhandjob.

In the core, we fixed a lot of bugs, and we changed some interface behaviors. Indeed, there are no more maximum of results by default. It should increase the simplicity of Weboob for a beginner.

There are now 125 modules and 35 applications.




  • New application: handjoob
  • New application: parceloob
  • New application: qhandjoob
  • New capabilitie: CapJob
  • New capabilitie: CapParcel
  • New Module: Citélis (CapBank)
  • New Module: Banque Delubac (CapBank)
  • New Module: Hello Bank! (CapBank) (#1276)
  • New Module: Ameli (CapBill)
  • New Module: AmeliPro (CapBill)
  • New Module: GDF SUEZ DolceVita (CapBill)
  • New Module: V'Lille (CapGauge)
  • New Module: Adecco (CapJob)
  • New Module: Apec (CapJob)
  • New Module: Lolix (CapJob)
  • New Module: Pôle Emploi (CapJob)
  • New Module: (CapLyrics)
  • New Module: Chronopost (CapParcel)
  • New Module: UPS (CapParcel)
  • New Module: Allrecipes (CapRecipe)
  • New Module: Supertoinette (CapRecipe)
  • New Module: podnapisi (CapSubtitle)
  • New Module: Arrêt sur Images (CapVideo)
  • New Module: Grooveshark (CapVideo)
  • New tool:
  • New tool:


  • Change '_backend' setting to '_module' (#789)
  • Remove all compatibily glue for python 2.5 (#806)
  • Remove some from future, forbid 2.5 in setup
  • Do not crash when repository is invalid (#1281)
  • Explicit module load errors
  • Fix: import Pillow in core
  • Fix: create containing directory of backend configuration
  • Fix: better English sentence when Weboob refuses to start
  • Fix: crash if backend name contains unicode chars

Core: applications

  • Display a message when more results are available (#1038)
  • Default behavior is now to unlimit results, except for explicit commands
    (searches or history) (#1139)
  • Remove useless calls to ReplApplication.flush() (#812)
  • Add colors in console applications
  • console: display collections before objects with ls command
  • console: fix error if there are private attributes on backend
  • console: better handling of "tiny" choices, allow forcing
  • console: Automatically create a storage if STORAGE class attribute is not empty
  • repl: add a new caps parameter to get_object
  • repl: get_object supports backend's services returning lists
  • repl: Invoking 'help' command from shell display only list of commands
  • Fix: printing of DictObj

Core: browser

  • Add a cache for DNS requests (#1209)
  • Implicitly convert unicode objects to str for form values

Core: capabilities

  • Move Currency from CapBank to CapBase
  • Fix: problem with strftime on date.year<1900


  • add method to convert currency value to text


  • do not crash if date in label regexp isn't valid
  • add Investment object and iter_investment method
  • add Transaction.unique_id
  • more help for date fields
  • introduce vdate
  • FrenchTransaction.parse takes a new optional argument 'vdate'


  • add attributes to Bill (#1202)
  • add new attributes to Detail (#1203)


  • remove unused parameter 'pattern' in iter_books


  • add address field to GaugeSensor


  • default type of threads is IS_THREADS


  • handle interval number of persons
  • fix comparison to None


  • add 'ext' attribut (extension of file)


  • always call base constructor of CapBaseObject to prevent
    shared fields

Core: documentation

  • Fix typo and wordwrap in INSTALL
  • Add manpages for new applications

Core: tools

  • Do not try to fill None
  • All string values are Unicode
  • Allow overriding delay and tries in decorated function arguments
  • Add parse_french_date in

Application: boobank

  • In interactive mode, 'transfer' commands asks confirmation (#1080)
  • Add parameter END_DATE to 'history' and 'coming' commands (#1150)
  • Add investment command
  • Avoid blank lines between entries in (pretty_)qif formatting
  • Better error messages
  • Prevent encoding issues in repr of Transactions
  • Fix: do not flush twice

Application: booblyrics

  • Fix: search command needs 2 arguments

Application: boobmsg

  • Fix: display of messages list in non interactive mode

Application: cineoob

  • Add caps parameter to get_object (#1280)
  • Filmographies and castings restricted to movie/person backend
  • Add language abbreviations in subtitle search help
  • Small bug fixes

Application: comparoob

  • Add missing docstrings to commands

Application: cookboob

  • Handle interval number of persons
  • Better nb_person interval display
  • Check if preparation time is available
  • Strip newlines from descriptions in search results

Application: flatboob

  • Add command help
  • Do not use limit for cities search

Application: qcineoob

  • Check if short description is available
  • Encode filename when download
  • Add tabs navigation
  • ctrl+l to get focus on search edit
  • Do not go on middle click opened tab
  • Remove useless print

Application: qcookboob

  • Handle interval number of persons
  • Better nb_person interval display

Application: qvideoob

  • Use fillobj instead of get_video to complete all fields

Application: suboob

  • Rename command 'getfile' to 'download'
  • Save subtitles in a better file name (#1278)
  • Print filename where subtitle is saved (#1279)
  • Add language abbreviations in subtitle search help
  • Do not show URL if empty

Application: webcontentedit

  • Use NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False) instead of mkstemp

Application: weboobcfg

  • Remove 'backends' command from help
  • Fix: do not crash if a module cannot be loaded

Application: weboorrents

  • Catch empty seeders and leechers

Application: wetboobs

  • Fix: gauges command parsing

Module: 750g

  • Strip accents in search URL
  • Fix: comments and accents striping

Module: allocine

  • Fix: gender detection

Module: americanexpress

  • Fix: parsing of coming value
  • Fix: parsing of April month

Module: aum

  • Support new fields
  • Logging to see profile (because of craps)
  • Unescape description of profiles
  • Disable warning when unable to get public profile from website
  • Fix: encoding errors
  • Fix: typo on 'style' field

Module: arte

  • Add support of ArteLive
  • Fix: parsing on German and English pages
  • Fix: id is now prefixed with "--"
  • Fix: prevent module from catching all URLs

Module: attilasub

  • Add attribute 'ext'

Module: axabanque

  • Detect when there is no operations

Module: banquepopulaire

  • Support new authentication on some regions
  • Sort entries by value date
  • Add new URL for homepage
  • Store vdate
  • Fix: go on professional accounts list page

Module: bnporc

  • Add support of personal accounts on professional website
  • Add enterprise website support
  • Support when sometimes 'coming' value is '-'
  • Prevent navigation conflicts during accounts iteration
  • Add regexp for payback of card transactions

Module: bp

  • Fix: support new authentication

Module: boursorama

  • Add two factor authentication for boursorama module
  • Add history for saving accounts
  • Add PEL support
  • Fix: parsing on new website
  • Fix: new certificat
  • Fix: support new website

Module: bred

  • Supports new page which asks for a code from a card
  • Fix: login on accounts with several subaccounts
  • Fix: new certificat

Module: caissedepargne

  • Support professional website
  • Add support of deferred debit cards
  • Be more robust on logout
  • Clear cookies during login
  • Fix: detection on login failed
  • Fix: navigation
  • Fix: avoid crashes if some useless fields are missing in global form
  • Fix: support new version of website
  • Fix: import of ControlNotFound on old versions of mechanize
  • Fix: navigation in card accounts history

Module: cmb

  • Use new-style classes (coding style)

Module: cic

  • Supports new page which asks for a code from a card

Module: cragr

  • Add support for credit cards
  • Ignore accounts without balance
  • Add new regions
  • Support special login URLs on some regions
  • Use new-style classes (coding style)
  • Support account where name contains the owner
  • Do not raise BrowserIncorrectPassword when the website displays an useless "urgent message" on login
  • Better detection of useful label
  • Fix: use web site instead of mobile website for ca-centrest, and probably others (#1035)
  • Fix: an account owner name can start with Mle

Module: creditcooperatif

  • Support coming transactions on pro accounts

Module: creditdunord

  • Fix: navigation in history calls
  • Fix: attach cards to the good account
  • Fix: encoding error to get history for accounts with special chars inname
  • Fix: navigation for deferred cards
  • Fix: crash if the date of a transaction is empty

Module: creditmutuel

  • Fix: listing of recipients in transfer

Module: cuisineaz

  • Temporary fix of person number range
  • Fix: comments and accents striping

Module: dailymotion

  • Fix: parsing of authors

Module: dlfp

  • Be compliant with the dlfp 1st april joke
  • Fix: get new threads even if there is no comment

Module: dresdenwetter

  • Add tests
  • Fix: no more snow sensor

Module: freemobile

  • Add some tests
  • Fix: history when internationals calls option is not subscribed (#1078)
  • Fix: new certificat
  • Fix: conversion warnings
  • Fix: new bill listing
  • Fix: bad method name in tests

Module: ganassurances

  • Enable support to Groupama Banque (#1112)

Module: gdcvault

  • Only logout when actually logged in

Module: hsbc

  • Support international accounts
  • Add a retry if login fail
  • Add missing file (
  • Fix: update module to support last website update
  • Fix: new certificate

Module: imdb

  • Replace latin2unicode by HTMLParser

Module: ing

  • Add support of investments
  • Add type of accounts
  • Raise NotImplementedError if account type not supported
  • Add some tests
  • Fix: conversion warnings
  • Fix: history of accounts
  • Fix: new certificat
  • Fix: transfer

Module: kickass

  • Use https
  • Fix: new URL

Module: lcl

  • Add enterprise site
  • Fix: detection of bad passwords
  • Fix: support new auth system
  • Fix: do not need to logout if the browser hasn't been used

Module: leclercmobile

  • Add real tests
  • Fix: history parsing
  • Fix: details parsing
  • Fix: compatibility with calibre 0.9

Module: marmiton

  • Fix: comments and accents striping

Module: opensubtitles

  • Add attribute 'ext'

Module: orange

  • Fix SMS sending (#1206)

Module: ouifm

  • Fix: json describing current songs and artists changed

Module: paypal

  • Fix: ignore extra-lines in accounts list
  • Fix: new certificate

Module: piratebay

  • New URL
  • Support proxies

Module: presseurop

  • Get newspaper source
  • Fix: body parsing
  • Fix: better check for daily links

Module: redmine

  • Fix: missing id class on older versions

Module: sachsen

  • Fix: string conversion
  • Fix: tests do not work with new CapGauge API

Module: seeklyrics

  • Fix: parsing in some cases

Module: societegenerale

  • Add entreprise support
  • Do not consider expired cards
  • support 'OPPOSITION' state for cards
  • Fix: conflicts in detection of balance
  • Fix: new hashes for login
  • Fix: new certificat

Module: tvsubtitles

  • Add attribute 'ext'

Module: youtube

  • Support for a silly protection (#1277)
  • Detect if video is forbidden
  • Use https
  • Change maintainer
  • Fix: encoding of pages
  • Fix: stop search queries if there is no more results
  • Fix: parsing details
  • Fix: crash with weird characters
  • Fix: credentials encoding

Module: vimeo

  • Get authors

Module: weather

  • Add a favicon


  • fix encoding issues
  • add default license
  • more code quality checks
  • use only tracked Python files
  • add lines number
  • ban more stuff
  • no deps by default on local install
  • do not copy the backends file
  • do not capture stderr
  • and remove stale .pyc files
  • allow complete paths for script
  • allow overriding WEBOOB_BACKENDS
  • weboob_bash_completion: fix bash completion

Contrib: boobot

  • Support python-irclib >= 3
  • Proper freenode server name
  • Irc 5.0+ compatibility
  • Display regular URL info
  • Support multiple channel
  • Fix weird/unicode URLs
  • Guess page encoding
  • Better newline handling
  • Support servers without HEAD
  • Faster timeout
  • Twitter support
  • Configuration of boobot storage path
  • Better handling of zero/invalid HTML
  • Proper ^C closing
  • Support ignored users

Contrib: freemobile-munin

  • Fix SMS regexp

Contrib: generic-munin

  • Allow float values
  • Do not start every graph to 0
  • Use rigid


  • Add --nodeps option to ignore dependencies in
  • Rename Makefile -> to avoid spurious build attempts
  • Use Pillow, unless PIL is already there
  • Better README/INSTALL files
  • Workaround Debian compatibily layer

Weboob 0.f

Posted by Florent Fourcot,

Only two months after the previous one, weboob 0.f has been released.

There are a lot of new features, with 4 new console applications (booblyrics, cineoob, cookboob, suboob) and two Qt applications (qcineoob, qcookboob). Weboob can now get information about the cinema world, find a recipe for your next diner, and download text of songs. And as usual, new bank modules.

In contrib, we have a new munin plugin (generic-munin) to graph every numeric value available with Weboob. Downloadboob has been improved too.

There are now 106 modules and 32 applications.




  • New application: booblyrics
  • New application: cineoob
  • New application: cookboob
  • New application: suboob
  • New application: qcineoob
  • New application: qcookboob
  • New capabilitie: CapSubtitles
  • New capabilitie: CapCinema
  • New capabilitie: CapLyrics
  • New capabilitie: CapRecipe
  • New module: American Express (CapBank)
  • New module: Paypal (CapBank)
  • New module: Crédit du Nord (CapBank)
  • New module: Allocine (CapCinema)
  • New module: IMBD (CapCinema)
  • New module: Parole De Musique (CapLyrics)
  • New module: Parolesmania (CapLyrics)
  • New module: Seeklyrics (CapLyrics)
  • New module: 750g (CapRecipe)
  • New module: Cuisineaz (CapRecipe)
  • New module: Marmiton (CapRecipe)
  • New module: Attilasub (CapSubtitle)
  • New module: OpenSubtitles (CapSubtitle)
  • New module: tvsubtitles (CapSubtitle)
  • New module: Btmon (CapTorrent)
  • New module: DresdenWetter (CapWeather)
  • New script: Generic Munin Plugin


  • Do not cry if an object is not support to be filled by a backend
  • Add a CSV parser
  • Remove two old and useless debug messages (bcall)
  • Force updating modules after upgrade (#1066)

Core: application

  • Fix crash when there is no selected fields
  • Allow infinite search with 0
  • Add a JSON encoder
  • move to_dict to (#1060, #1061)

Core: browser

  • Ability to set a ENCODING constant to BasePage which overrides the
    Browser's one
  • Use recent firefox user agent (Firefox ESR)
  • Fall back on SSLv3 if TLSv1 fails
  • Cache the sucessful SSL protocol

Core: tools

  • Create DateGuesser extracted from cragr

Application: boobill

  • Improve documentation of download command

Application: havedate

  • Display contact IDs in 'events' command output

Application: pastoob

  • Add command-line parameters (#920)
  • Support "no expiration"

Application: videoob

  • Add resume option for video downloading
  • Stop the video when closing with ESC

Application: webcontentedit

  • Add non tty stdin support to edit command
  • Add "get" command to webcontentedit

Application: Wetboobs

  • Add a default error message on SensorNotFound

Module: aum

  • Handle GONE exception
  • Mimic mobile application (#1041)
  • Fix: date used may be UTC
  • Fix: display of summary
  • Support new 'favorite_food' field
  • Go on website to get stats and geographical position
  • Read field ratio
  • Don't stop on threads with a contact who left the website
  • Fix: send email when taken in a basket

Module: axabanque

  • Remove mkdtemp in module
  • Fix: crash on a new tab

Module: banquepopulaire

  • Fix: parsing of some card transactions
  • Update regexps

Module: barclays

  • Update regexps
  • Support market page (but do not display any history)
  • Support when accounts are in javascript...

Module: bnporc

  • Remove mkdtemp in modul
  • Support pro accounts

Module: boursoram

  • Take id of the website for transactions
  • On page to update user information, raise BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • Get maximum history
  • Do not crash for special accounts
  • Remove mkdtemp in module

Module: bp

  • Fix: New SSL certificat

Module: bred

  • Fix: deferred debit cards parsing

Module: caissedepargne

  • Update regexps
  • New SSL certificat
  • Support more history

Module: cic

  • support pagination
  • support wher forced to go on change_password page
  • Fix: crash on pagination

Module: cmso

  • Update regexps

Module: cragr

  • Use LinearDateGuesser
  • New maintener
  • Support new website

Module: creditmutuel

  • Transfer now accepts long and short IDs
  • Support pagination
  • Support wher forced to go on change_password page
  • Fix: transfer problem
  • Fix: crash on pagination

Module: dailymotion

  • Fix search
  • Avoid redirects
  • Fix: extraction of video url

Module: dlfp

  • Do not crash when revision is provided(#1067)

Module: fortuneo

  • Update regexps
  • Support when website asks to renew password
  • Fix: card transaction pattern
  • Fix: accounts list on new version of website
  • Get more history
  • Support PRLV pattern

Module: francetelevisions

  • Fix: search

Module: freemobile

  • Add an id for calls
  • Fix get_bill
  • Add multi-account support for bills command

Module: gdcvault

  • Retrieve now video, audio, slides and Dual Screen Video
  • Implement searching
  • Implement login
  • Handle pages with redirects to files
  • Fix a lot of bugs on some pages

Module: hsbc

  • Support deferred cards
  • Do not support other kind of account histories than CPT

Module: ing

  • Detect when website is unavailable
  • Fix: new website
  • Fix: generation of IDs
  • Merge LoginPage and Login2Page to prevent problems when the website
    fails with 500
  • Prevent useless debug folders

Module: isohunt

  • Fix: bug if leech or seed is empty corrected
  • Fillobj integration

Module: kickass

  • Fix: downloading gziped torrents
  • Fix: download URL and support magnets
  • Return NotAvailable if needed
  • Fix: url correction
  • Fix: download URL and magnet support in all iter_torrents

Module: mediawiki

  • Add support for the revision argument

Module: lcl

  • Support when there is an error
  • Remove mkdtemp in modules

Module: leclercmobile

  • Add an id for balance objects

Module: nettokom

  • Fix: crash when no data available
  • Display validity date of subscriptions

Module: piratebay

  • Fix: bug on empty result page corrected
  • fillobj integration
  • get_torrent return None if 404
  • Unescape title

Module: presseurop

  • Better id management
  • Increase RSS size

Module: redmine

  • Add support for the revision argument (#1067)

Module: sachsen

  • Fix: as0.gif keyerror
  • Better image analyse

Module: societegenerale

  • Fix: login
  • Fix: Do not crash when an account is unavailable
  • Fix: Transfer regexp
  • Recipient of a transfer can be a name

Module: trictractv

  • Add an icon

Module: vimeo

  • Fix for no-embed videos

Module: wordreference

  • Fix: Take the first word
  • Make result cleaner
  • Add favicon

Module: youtube

  • Fix: detection of media url on youtube

Capabilitie: CapBank

  • More robust currency guessing
  • Fix repr() on transactions with unicode labels
  • support empty dates for transactions


  • New git URL
  • Add missing "whatis entry" to man pages (#618)


  • Add a "id_regexp" parameter to filter results on video id
  • Exclude on case sensitive pattern
  • Add utf-8 support on title_exclude


  • Add basic boilerplate script (replace
  • Remove
  • Ignore Qt generated UI files (pyflakes)


  • Update for latest Gentoo installs
  • Use a central Makefile
  • Fast and silent building
  • Ensure proper building of man pages
  • Tell groff manpages are utf-8
  • Update INSTALL