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* (678@redmine) weboob - [New] Create a backend
* (677@redmine) weboob - [New] 60s pour un refresh du listing des comptes sur bp
  Application / boobank
* (676@redmine) weboob - [New] erreur solde total si compte commun
  Application / boobank
* (674@redmine) weboob - [Assigned] pastalacon is broken
  Backends / New backend
* (670@redmine) weboob - [New] Add capabilities for statements and bills
* (662@redmine) weboob - [Assigned] [LeFigaro] Buldbot fail
  Backend / LeFigaro
* (661@redmine) weboob - [Assigned] --save-responses
  Core / Browser
* (660@redmine) weboob - [Assigned] pastoob needs documentation
  Application / pastoob
* (659@redmine) weboob - [Assigned] Support CMB bank
  Backends / New backend
* (657@redmine) weboob - [New] AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'iter_all_messages
  Backend / DLFP

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boobtracker> get ISSUE


boobtracker> get 670
weboob - #670@redmine - Add capabilities for statements and bills

A lot of sites now offer bank statements or periodic bills as PDF downloads.

It would be nice to have capabilities for these :
- list bills/statements
- download specific bill/statement

Example websites : BNP Paribas, EDF

Author: Anonymous (2011-05-31 10:51:00)
Status: New

* 2011-05-31 11:32:00 - 
I subscribed to the PDF option at BNP Paribas, so I will be able to develop
and test that as soon as I receive my first one.

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boobtracker> post weboob@redmine
Title: Hello world
Availables: Christophe Benz, Clément Schreiner, Romain Bignon
Assignee: Romain Bignon
Availables: weboob - 0.1, weboob - 0.2, weboob - 0.3, weboob - 0.4, weboob - 0.5,
+weboob - 0.6, weboob - 0.7, weboob - 0.8, weboob - 0.9, weboob - 1.0, weboob - 2.0
Version: weboob - 1.0
Availables: Misc, Misc / Desktop integration, Misc / Documentation, Misc / i18n, Misc
+/ Packaging, Misc / Tests, Misc / Wiki
Category: Misc
Availables: New, Feedback, Assigned, In progress, To merge, Resolved, Rejected
Status: In progress
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Hello world my issue

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boobtracker> edit 803@redmine status Resolved